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Complementary feed

Product characteristics

The product is to be used for dairy cows before calving and during the period of lactation. Thanks to special composition, PROFEED PROLAC protects animals against negative energy balance. Glycerin contained in PROFEED PROLAC increases concentration of glucose in the blood, reduces the accumulation of triglycerides in the liver and synthesis of ketone bodies  (KB). Product is rich source of energy and it is willingly consumed by cows.


dairy cows


PROFEED PROLAC is recommended to be used:

  • to complement energy in cows daily dietary dose during period of lactation
  • to prevent dietary ketosis
  • to prevent  syndrome of fatty liver


Before and after calving: 250–300g per cow a day. Product should be administered from 5th day before calving untill 14th day after calving
During period of lactation to prevent against ketosis: 100-250 g per animal a day
In case of ketosis: 250–500 g per animal a day, administered for 5-10 days

To increase the feed intake: 100g per cow a day

PROFEED PROLAC can be administered during watering cows or as mixed with roughage



  • vitamin PP

Trace element:

  • Se

Extract of:

  • Silybum marianum