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Product characteristics

PPROFEED GLIKO-KET contains precisely balanced quantity of  glycol, nicotinamide, cobalt, and herbal extracts, which makes it an extremely effective tool to prevent ketosis. This metabolic state occurs most frequently in young cows (primipara) and during second lactation. Risk of occurrence of ketosis is associated with high milk productivity of animals. Glycol increases the concentration of glucose in blood and reduces the synthesis of ketone bodies (KB). Nicotinamide (Vitamin PP) reduces the absorption of free fatty acids into the blood and reduces quantity of KB (ketone bodies) in blood. Cobalt is essential for the synthesis of vitamin B12 in duodenum, which stimulates energy metabolism in organism and improves the functioning of the duodenum.


dairy cows


PROFEED GLIKO-KET is recommended to be used:

  • to prevent ketosis
  • to prevent the syndrome of fatty liver


Prevention of the ketosis: 100-250 g per animal a day. Product should be administered starting from 3rd day before calving until 5th-30th day of lactation
During ketosis: 350-500 g per animal a day. Product should be administered for 7-10 days
The best result is achieved when the product is administered in the form of enema into the muzzle of animal



  • vitamin PP

Trace element:

  • Co

Extract of:

  • Silybum marianum